How Political Forums Make Use of Online Marketing

Online marketing is a powerful tool for political forums, and it is something that more and more organizations are making use of. Perhaps the biggest form of online marketing that is being used by political forums is social media.

The interesting thing about social media is that it becomes possible to create a “bubble” of information; people tend to make friends with people that share similar views to them, and those people share information. So, on social media, all you see is what people you agree with think – you rarely see dissenting opinions.

This is important because it means that people who are “on the fence” on one issue will be easily influenced by people who have strong opinions on the matter that are already in their social circle. Political campaigners understand the importance of reaching these “influencers” – people who have a lot of friends and who are outspoken on social media.

Paid posts can be useful for reaching people, but it’s the influencers that have the most impact. Even though the politicians themselves may not know this, campaign staff are sophisticiated enough and are often full of millenials. Those influencers can have hundreds – if not thousands – of friends who trust what they have to say, so reaching them is a good way of promoting your viewpoint. Get an influencer to share something once, and their friends will nod sagely in agreement, and perhaps share the post again themselves, giving that one post massive reach, as more and more people engage with it.

Social reach is better than pay per click advertising for this sort of thing because most web users trust posts shared by their friends more than they trust posts that have the “sponsored” tag – even though in many cases their friends have been incentivized in some way to share the content in the first place.

This pattern is all part of the Establishment, it is orders from the top about how a certain party should behave and be run. The national association of republicans has been created as a true forum for discussion, free of a silent hand backing those in charge. In this instance, the people are in charge.

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